You’ve got Las Vegas gigs and a budget; we invite you to use these rent vs. buy tips from Extreme Light & Grip. It can be so tempting to go out and fill a cart with everything you think you’ll need. Decisions, like whether to rent or buy your lighting and grip equipment, should be carefully thought out and planned.

Rent Or Buy Your Grip Equipment?

Should I rent or buy? The question seems simple enough, but odds are the answer will depend on your specific needs. Productions are not one size fits all. There are some questions you should be considering before deciding on this very important issue.

  • How often will I use this piece of equipment?
  • How portable does my setup need to be?
  • Will I need the same sized setup for most of my gigs?
  • How often do I plan on switching up the show?
  • How necessary is the latest and greatest equipment for me?

Location, Location, Location

Do you specialize in professional wedding photography in a studio or tv lighting that alternates between indoor scenes and outdoor sites? Does your theater lighting need to cater to a variety of productions from concerts to plays? Or are you trying to get a reliable permanent setup going for a long-term production?

Thinking about the location of your lighting needs can help you avoid investing in equipment that won’t serve you long term.

More Than Just The Stuff

When you choose a quality rental house such as Extreme Light & Grip, production equipment rental is about so much more than just the items you are renting out. Movie lighting, grip equipment for theater and video, short-term event lighting… there are so many set up combinations. What worked for you last time won’t necessarily be the ideal combination of lights and rigs that will work to get you the best look the next time.

We have been in the business of not only renting out production equipment but actually making scenes and sets come alive for over six decades and over a thousand productions. You get quality customer service and experienced advice that you just can’t get anywhere else when you rely on us.

When Your Best Bet Is To Rent

How do you know lighting and grip rental is a better bet for you and your future productions? There are several signs that renting equipment might work better for you and your budget.

  • You serve a wide variety of productions. (eg. Lighting directors and gaffers for conventions, community plays, and big, temporary shows.)
  • You need to be able to switch things up quickly to meet changing trends. (eg. Music video and commercial lighting.)
  • You need a reliable source for last-minute equipment.
  • You are on the cusp of the latest and greatest lighting and grip tech.
  • You don’t have time for constant maintenance or equipment replacement.
  • You could use advice from time to time on the best setup for new (to you) venues.

Our Available Lighting & Grip Equipment

We know that sometimes the decision between short-term rental and long-term investment can be difficult. You want to provide the best show or service possible within your budget. We make it easy by offering brands you love, packages sizes that just fit, and advice you can rely on again and again.

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