At Extreme Lighting & Grip, we know our Las Vegas customers are often in need of dimmers to achieve certain lighting effects, which is why we offer dimmer rentals in a variety of packaging.  Whether your dimmer needs are small-scale or you need a dimmer pack that can operate a large variety of dimming needs, we can help.

Extreme Lighting & Grip has four main types of dimmers for rental:

  • Dimming switch
  • Portable/distributed dimmer
  • Dimmer pack
  • Dimmer rack

We are happy to help you choose the dimmer that best fits your needs from the options below.

Dimming Switch for One Fixture

This is a basic dimmer, which is similar in operation to the dimmer knobs found in homes. To get the dimming effect with a dimming switch, you must control it yourself by manually increasing and decreasing the power to the light when needed, just as you would do with a wall dimmer at home. In addition, it only lets you dim one source of light at a time. For example, if you need to emphasize a special moment such as a monolog by one actor, and you want to make the rest of the stage dark, this will most likely get the job done for you.

Portable/Distributed Dimmers for Multiple Fixtures

Portable or distributed dimmers allow you to control more than one fixture. They are installed near the fixtures that you need dimming, so you just plug the fixture(s) you want to control directly into the box. You can add extension cords if the light source is further away than the cord will reach. Now you just need a way to control the output, which is most often done through a DMX protocol. Extreme Lighting & Grip can help you choose the best way to control this output, as well.

Dimmer Packs for New Construction or Upgraded Lighting

Dimmer packs are most often used when building a new structure or rewiring an older building. They eliminate the need to hang individual dimmers near the fixtures that are being used. Instead, they bring all the power needed together in one spot. This way, the power source for all dimmers can be controlled from one pack. The required level of power for each fixture can be different, but it is conveniently controlled from one location.

Dimmer Racks for More Expansive Lighting Needs

Dimmer racks are most often used when you need to individually control the power to dozens and dozens of lights. They give you more control over more lighting options and are lined up one after the other in a grid-type layout. Dimmer racks can be permanently hard-wired or portable in nature. They are often found attached to a wall panel, but can also be freestanding.

At Extreme Lighting & Grip in Las Vegas, we are ready to help you choose the best dimmer solution for your needs. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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