Cowboy Christmas Show

See Extreme Lighting & Grip equipment at work for the Cowboy Christmas Show.

ESPN Fight Night Las Vegas

ESPN Fight Night in Las Vegas – Semana De Campeones        

Latin Grammys 2015

Lighting up the Red Carpet Latin Grammy’s this past week with 25 4X4 day light Kinos.

Waiting On a Ghost Music Video

Lighting up the official Waiting On a Ghost Music video by Good For Grapes. The “Vegas” house scene portion of the video was lit using on of our new shiny boards and custom bounce boards. Our [...]

5 Ton Grip & Electric Truck

Our 5 Ton Truck hard at work on set for the feature “The Space Between Us.” Whether you are on the strip or in the middle of the Nevada desert, our 5 Ton Grip and Electric truck [...]

NBA Commercial

For this professional basketball commercial I needed to light half an outdoor basketball court using tungsten lighting. I divide the court in half into far and near and used 2- light towers Each [...]

“Steal The Look App” Video

Let us know if we can help you with your next production. Big budget or small independent budgets, we work with you so you get the most bang for your buck - every time.

SEMA Overhauling show

Extreme Lighting supplied all of the Grip and Electric for the SEMA Overhauling Show

Car Commercial w/ Pat Kerby

Check out a photo from our Car Commercial w/ Pat Kerby on Jib (1-Ton)

German Shoot

Rey Barrera on location in Germany.

Fisher Dolly Skateboard Wheels

On location with Extreme Lighting & Grip using their Fishier Dolly on skateboard wheels for the shoot.

Exteznse Commerical

Lighting example from the Exteznse Commerical shot at night.

COX Cadillac Commercial

Shooting the COX Cadillac Commercial on location. Extreme Lighting & Grip has all the equipment you need for a professional shoot in Las Vegas.

12×20 Green Screen Shoot

Lighting set up for a 12x20 Green Screen Shoot in the Las Vegas Area. We have all the equipment and supplies you need to make your shoot successful.

“The Voice” Las Vegas Special

Had a great time working on “The Voice”. They came to Las Vegas to shoot a CeeLo special @ the Planet Hollywood Casino. Worked with Andrei Mignea and we both ran the G&E [...]