Let Me Tell You A Bit About Rey Barrera

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I grew up in Gary, Indiana a mid-west steel town, 35 miles outside Chicago. After high school, not liking college, and bouncing from job to job, I got a job working backstage at the Holiday Star Theater. This was a brand new state of the art theater. Knowing nothing about this type of work, I started learning about stage direction, and the different departments, which I soon found myself really enjoying this kind of work.

The lighting department was the one I loved the most, so I stayed there. Four years later at the age of 28, I decided to move where the work was to pursue this career; Las Vegas, Nevada was the place, I knew the head Carpenter for Wayne Newton so I took a chance; I saved $600.00, purchased a one way ticket on a Greyhound bus, and never looked back.

I then spent 6 1/2 years of working for the largest lighting rental house in Las Vegas, Cinema Services. We provided, installed, fixed, and trucked equipment for Theatrical, Corporate, Special Events, and Movies in Las Vegas, and 90% of every Televised Sporting Event in the Western United States.

In 1990 I joined I.A.S.T.E Local 720 Union, which I began my freelance career and started a Lighting & Production Consulting Company. Working for the union and freelancing for different shows and movies while buying lights and cable to advance my new business endeavor.

From 1994 to 1995 after the movie Casino, my career moved into high gear. I was invited by the guys in Hollywood, Cal. to work and join, I.A.S.T.E Local 728, Studio Electricians of Hollywood. This was the first time anyone in Las Vegas had ever been invited to join and work in Hollywood. I spent the next 10 years working in Las Vegas and Hollywood as a Gaffer, Best Boy, and Electrician on Sitcoms, Pilots for TV, and Multimillion dollar movies. I have worked the biggest stages, major lots, large scale projects, and traveled to distant locations.

With the accumulation of over 28 years in Show Business Lighting and Production, I bring the knowledge, of working with lighting, as an Art in the disciplines of Film, Theater, Special Events, and Conventions. I offer Clients the best design, planning, equipment and management skills with crews, location assistance and management to achieve the proper lighting level and color for the best picture. This is the best definition of what a professional Gaffer does.

I specialize in filling the need for Grip, Electrical Equipment and Grip Trucks to facilitate the successful outcome of your project. Lights are tools to a Gaffer, much like wrenches are to a mechanic. Matching the right lighting to the right job, whether your lighting need is for the Eye or Film. Working with black and white or Color, Diffusion and Patterns lighting in layers is an art form where I excel.

Rey Barrera

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