Movie & Film Lighting Rental

Bring your set to life with movie and film lighting rentals from Extreme Lighting & Grip in Las Vegas. Time is money. Don’t waste your valuable time shooting poorly lit scenes. Whether you [...]

Event Lighting Rental

For high quality indoor and outdoor event lighting rental in Las Vegas, Extreme Lighting & Grip has everything you need. From sold-out sporting events and music festivals to private parties [...]

Convention & Trade Show Lighting

Draw attention to your event with convention and trade show lighting rentals from Extreme Lighting and Grip in Las Vegas. Adding some basic (or advanced) lighting to your display can make a huge [...]

Stage & Theater Lighting Rental

At Extreme Lighting & Grip, we can supply you with stage and theatrical lighting rental for Las Vegas events of all sizes. Whether you’re lighting up an outdoor arena or hosting a major [...]

Concert Lighting Rental

Light up the night and the show with concert lighting rental from Extreme Lighting & Grip. Whether your performance is happening under the stars or at an indoor venue, we have the lighting [...]

Sporting Event Lighting Rental

Sporting event lighting rental is easy when you rely on Extreme Lighting & Grip of Las Vegas. Don’t cut your season short when the nights start getting long. Make sure every winning play can [...]

Photoshoot Lighting Rental

For your next gig, make sure you have everything you need with photoshoot lighting rental from Extreme Lighting & Grip located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We carry all of the necessary lighting [...]

Outdoor Event Lighting Rental

In and around Las Vegas, professional photographers and videographers turn to us at Extreme Lighting & Grip when it comes time for quality outdoor event lighting rental. Don’t let your shoot [...]