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Convention Lighting RentalDraw attention to your event with convention and trade show lighting rentals from Extreme Lighting and Grip in Las Vegas. Adding some basic (or advanced) lighting to your display can make a huge difference when it comes to drawing in a crowd. A bigger crowd means more potential business. When it comes time for your next Vegas convention, remember we offer only the highest quality lighting equipment for rent. We’ve got you covered if you need:

With our large inventory and years of experience in the production industry, we’re sure to have the convention or trade show lighting solutions you’re looking for.

Las Vegas Is A Major Convention City

You may already have lighting equipment in the city where you live. Las Vegas is one of the biggest destinations for convention holders. Instead of traveling here with heavy lighting equipment for your next trade show, you can rent the items you need from Extreme Lighting & Grip. We offer the industry’s best-known brands in lighting solutions to solve a wide-range of challenges. If your stage, product, or booth needs some extra pizzazz or if your space is located in the corner with bad overhead lighting, give us a call.

Is Your Convention A Production?

Vegas sees conventions and trade shows of every variety. Some are more extravagant than others, even calling for production supplies and equipment. If you’re hosting a convention or trade show, we offer lighting and production rental packages in the form of 1 Ton3 Ton5 Ton, and 10 Ton trucks. These truck packages are preloaded by lighting and grip professionals who organize them in a convenient and easy to use manner. If you’ll be recording or live streaming this event, we offer lighting and production equipment rentals including interview kits, stage lighting, spotlights, Kino Flo Lights, and even green screens.

Reserve Your Lighting Package Today

For convention and trade show lighting rentals in Las Vegas, you can count on the inventory at Extreme Lighting & Grip. We have the lighting solutions to make your convention, trade show, or booth grab attention and draw a crowd. From spotlights and truss lighting to LEDs, we have what you need.

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