Extreme Lighting & Grip of Las Vegas, offers a complete array fresnel lights rentals, the workhorse of stage and film lighting for generations. We are your all in one production rental house for everything lighting, electrical, and grip related.

Successful productions depend not just on your camera and lens, but also on how you use and shape light to create the effects which set the mood and inspire your audience. Let us help you get the right lights for the right look today with Fresnel lights.

Fresnels For Smooth Coverage

Divided into concentric circles, the Fresnel lens is much thinner than a conventional lens of the same power, making it more lightweight. The beam can be changed from flood to spotlight by adjusting the distance between the lamp/reflector unit and the lens. The even light produced by a Fresnel lens is bright at the center of the beam, softening at the edges, to produce a soft shadow that blends with the edges of other Fresnels for smooth coverage.

Fresnel Light Rental For TV, Stage & Film

Fresnels were originally small and primarily used for the stage. They were the main source of lighting for the motion picture industry for many years. A much greater range of lens and lamp sizes are now produced and available for rental. They are a staple in television, filmmaking and production lighting of all kinds since they are less harsh and more flattering than bare bulbs for closeup shots.

Special Event Lighting

Our Fresnel rentals are available for use at special events, from small venues, where they are used for front light, to large concert halls for top or backlighting. The thinner lens makes them lighter weight and easier to manipulate compared to other lighting forms.

Rent Fresnels For Photography

While the development of flash lighting once replaced Fresnels as a light source for photographers, they have made a comeback for still photography and are available for rental from Extreme Lighting & Grip. Digital camera sensitivity and the continuous even light of a Fresnel produce a photograph with a magical romantic feel reminiscent of yesteryear.

Types of Fresnel Lighting

Fresnel lights come in many sizes and lamp varieties to fit your production needs. Just some of the common Fresnel lights available for rent, include:

  • HMI Par Fresnels
  • Incandescent Fresnels
  • Big Mo
  • Mole Baby
  • Junior
  • Tweenie
  • Midget
  • Mini Mole
  • Snoot
  • Mole LED
  • Arri Fresnels

Fresnel Light Rental In Las Vegas

Renting your Fresnel lighting and other production equipment from Extreme Lighting & Grip is a convenient and cost-effective option when planning your production or event. Whether you are already a lighting pro or are just discovering the value of creative lighting, contact us today and let our experienced production rental experts guide you in choosing the ideal Fresnel lighting for your project.

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