When you’re looking to rent ARRI studio-quality portable lighting for conventions, traveling stage shows, local productions, and more in the Las Vegas area, be sure to call Extreme Lighting & Grip. We carry a full line of ARRI lighting, including ARRI lighting kits, production lighting, and photography lighting.

ARRI Light Rentals In Las Vegas

Some of our ARRI lighting rental products include:

  • SkyPanel
  • L-Series
  • M-Series
  • Ballasts
  • LED
  • Daylight
  • Tungsten
  • Lighting Kits

Detailed below are a few of the ARRI products we carry, but be assured Extreme Lighting & Grip has the full line of ARRI products to take care of all your needs.

SkyPanel Offers Ultra-Bright LED Soft Light

Extreme Lighting & Grip is excited about AARI’s design of this high-quality LED light, which has been carefully developed to focus on form, color, beam field, and output. SkyPanel’s soft light is compact, which makes it great for portable productions. The SkyPanel “C” (Color) versions can be fully tuned and provide high-performing color rendition between the range of 2,800 K and 10,000 K. Color control options include CCT adjustments; gel selection; hue and saturation; RGBW; source matching; x/y coordinates; and 12 professional lighting effects.

L-Series and M-Series Bring Technology to Light

The L-Series gives you complete control over the performance of the light. It includes three simple knobs that allow you to fine-tune the brightness, color temperature, and green/magenta point. It also has a focus knob that allows you to control the beam spread. The M-Series offers users more light with less work. This Academy Award-winning daylight product includes the MAX reflector. MAX technology brings together a PAR and a Fresnel, which provides the maximum light output on lens-less lamp heads. Let us know if you would like to know more about either of these lights or their availability.

Tungsten, When High Output is Needed

Popular in photography and on location, Extreme Lighting & Grip offers rentals for ARRI tungsten lighting. This type of lighting is suitable for all weather and climate conditions and comes in a variety of styles, including Fresnel, theatre, and studio.

Ballasts – the Industry Standard for Film, Theatre, and Events

Extreme Lighting & Grip has a variety of ARRI electronic ballasts for mains and battery operation, including high speed and boost ballasts, along with rack-mount, multi-function ballasts. They’re easy to maintain and have automatic fault detection and status indicators, providing reliable and safe operation.

Schedule Your ARRI Lighting Rental Today

For quality ARRI products in Las Vegas, you can count on the inventory at Extreme Lighting & Grip. We have a full line of ARRI lighting products and would be happy to set you up with what you need for your production.

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