If your Las Vegas production needs ultra bright lights with all the advantages of soft light, then ARRI SkyPanel light rental from Extreme Lighting & Grip is your best bet. This latest innovation by ARRI takes everything you love about soft lights and adds amazing output and the finest color tuning technologies. Versatility is the name of the game. We look forward to being your Vegas source for every lighting rental need – for your stage, photography shoot, commercial, or film production.

Why Choose ARRI Skypanel?

When choosing an LED soft light rental, you want consistency. ARRI delivers by making sure each LED light on your panel is computer calibrated for both consistency and accuracy. Despite being a soft light, SkyPanel is among the brightest on the market with amazing performance at both high and low lighting levels. If your production equipment rentals are lacking tunable lighting fixtures for the most natural skin tones and accuracy in both color temperature and reproduction, try SkyPanel in any of the following models:

  • S30-C
  • S30-RP
  • S60-C
  • S60-RP
  • S120-C

You get beautiful shadow rendition and color correction with the simple turn of a knob. The controls are easy and intuitive even for beginners. Remote control settings and battery mode are all on board. For even more convenience and customization, take advantage of interchangeable diffusor panels and thin profile for tight fits. With benefits like these, renting SkyPanel lights gets you a lot of bang for your buck.

SkyPanel Color Vs Remote Phosphor

Trying to decide between an S60-C and S60-RP? SkyPanel C models are fully color tunable. Color temperature can be adjusted anywhere from 2,800K to 10,000K. Having this level of color correction, selection, and saturation at your fingertips makes setting the mood on your set a cinch. For slightly brighter lights at even higher outputs, remote phosphor models are available in 2,700 K; 3,200 K; 4,300 K; 5,600 K; 6,500 and 10,000 K temperature panels.

Choose From S30, S60 & S120

You are sure to find an ARRI SkyPanel model that fits your lighting rental needs. The smallest of the cinch, the S30, is your go-to option for ultimate on-the-go flexibility. It is half the length of the S60. The S30 is also unbelievably brighter than your typical tungsten 1 kW soft light or 3 kW space light. The SkyPanel S60 is everybody’s favorite LED soft light. This still highly portable option meets most photography and film production lighting criteria. The S120 may be twice as long as the S60 but remains almost as light while delivering more brightness and soft light on less than 400 watts of power.

Get SkyPanel Light Rentals In Las Vegas

For ARRI Skypanel light rentals in Las Vegas, count on Extreme Lighting & Grip. Our knowledgeable staff looks forward to helping you choose the right LED soft lights for your movie, outdoor shoot, or theater production. Rent a single S60 or let us put together a customized lighting package. We even have lighting and grip truck packages to supply any sized event. Call us today to rent an ARRI SkyPanel today.

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