With Zylight brand LED lights from Extreme Lighting & Grip, your Las Vegas entertainment lighting needs will be met and exceeded. This reputable production lighting brand has been serving industry professionals for over a decade. We are pleased to be able to offer these LED lights for rent throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

So Many Options

Whether you are on set or location, Zylight brand lights are built to get the job done and get it done well. Unlike cheap imitations, these lights stand up to extremes, while offering you all the conveniences of quality light, and most importantly, the quality output you expect from a lighting industry favorite.

Zylight has a lighting solution for every need, and we have these lights available for rent. You don’t have to make a long term investment to get the high-grade features you want.

  • F8, 200 & 300 LED Fresnels
  • Panels & Soft Lights
  • Stage & Wash Lights
  • Spotlights & Ellipsoidals
  • Batteries & Controls

The Zylight Family: A Brand You Trust.

You may have used an LED light in the past without even realizing it was a part of the Zylight family of brands. From light panels to spots and everyone’s cutting-edge favorite, the LED Fresnel, these light rentals are all designed to meet the production industry’s needs for continued modern innovation.

  • Aladdin Light Panels
  • Rayzr LED Fresnels
  • Ushio Spotlights

Award-Winning Fresnels

For a reliable Fresnel LED light rental, look no further than the Zylight F8-100. You get those telltale barn doors, continuous focus, and a smooth light field coupled with next-gen tech like wireless DMX controls, water resistance, and a CRI of up to 97.

Get everything you love about sunlight or traditional incandescent bulbs without the energy costs or limitations.

Versatile Panels & Soft Lights

Photographers, broadcasters, cinematographers, and other media professionals will love our soft light panel rentals. The Zylight Pro-Panel, for example, exchanges harsh glare or multiple shadow effects for a rental light that runs cool, saves energy and lasts.

Get that diffused light look, easy tungsten to daylight adjustments, and high-quality 95 CRI ratings, in addition to high frame rates, when you rent the Zylight Pro-Panel.

Soft, Even Stage & Wash Lights

Do you prefer intuitive controls over millions of clean, color wash effects? Leave the gels and filters behind and rent the Zylight Pro-Palette Color LED cyclorama light. You can smoothly dim from 0-100% and take advantage of modern DMX controls built right in. If one wash light isn’t enough, the Pro-Palette is made to conveniently daisy chain up to four units.

Ideal Spotlights & Ellipsoidals

Ushio followspot lights from Zylight are built on over fifty years of Japanese manufacturing perfection. Choose the LED Sai-300 spotlight for lightweight maneuverability in smaller venues. The Takuma-2000A Xenon spotlight is just as maneuverable and conveniently compact.

These spotlight rentals are designed with the discerning lighting professional in mind.

Rent Zylight Brand Products In Las Vegas

Rent Zylight brand lights for your next Las Vegas project and experience some of the most rugged, reliable lighting in the production industry. From field to studio, mountain top to sound stage, you can count on these LED lighting rentals to get the shot you want, conveniently.

Contact us at Extreme Lighting & Grip today to reserve your Zylight rentals for professional photography shoots, movie lighting, TV lighting, or stage lighting.

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