When innovation and control are on your lighting design checklist, you can’t go wrong with Ratpac dimmers. At Extreme Lighting & Grip, we’re your Las Vegas area rental source for this exceptional brand of light dimming receivers, transmitters, and controls.

Industry Leading, Flexible Light Controls

Whether you’re into movie lighting, tv lighting, stage lighting or photography, you’ll love Ratpac. Their dimmers are expertly crafted and made with the specific needs of gaffers and lighting engineers in mind. Nowhere else will you find this combination of solid-state technologies and ultra-quiet inductors.

Whether you need a light, simple, quiet dimmer for your 120V LED tubes or a real workhorse with tons of power, Ratpac has you covered, and we have all the Ratpac rentals you could need locally.

  • Single Channel Dimming Controls : 6K, 12K, 24K & 2.4K
  • Conventional Dimming Controls : 24 x 2.4 & 6 x12
  • Rolling Rack Controls : 6 x 24, 24 x 12 & 48 x 2.4
  • Quiet Dimmers : 3 x 12, 3 x 24, 25 x 1.2 & 12 x 2.4
  • 12 x 200 Low Wattage LED Controls
  • Wireless DMX Controls

Bringing Today’s Technologies To Yesterday’s Lights

Ratpac dimmers have introduced new ways to use those good ‘old standbys. You don’t have to upgrade all of your incandescent tungstens to LED lights to take advantage of the mobility and command today’s dimmers give you.

Ratpac’s low wattage LED line of dimmers and rolling racks, are both compatible with 120V LED tubes and practical incandescent lamps. You same money without compromising on versatility.

Cintenna receivers are also available with onboard battery power for lights like older Litepanel Astras without USB connections. This brings control of all of your lights, old or new to one convenient place.

Ratpac Dimmers LogoCables. What Cables?

Want to reduce bulky cables and the need to carry them around with you? Take your Arri Skypanels, LEDs, and other non-wireless lights to the next level. The combination of Cintenna receivers and AKS Plus technologies make for reliable wireless DMX controls where there once were none.

Cintenna’s Li-ion batteries, 5-pin plugs, and USB outlets mean you can retrofit and upgrade to your heart’s content without all the long cords and cables.

Mobile Control In The Palm Of Your Hands

Use your Ratpac dimmer rentals to set up wireless lighting controls. Then, make mobility and versatility even more comfortable with an iPad and the compatible Luminair app. Now you can easily control the mood or focus attention onto your subject.

Ratpac takes the functionality of a dimmer and broadens your lighting capability horizons. Change colors, tones, and brightness in an instant with the simple touch of a finger from miles away.

Dimming Control Rentals In Las Vegas

Use what you have and extend what you’ve got with cutting-edge Ratpac dimmer rental from Extreme Lighting & Grip. We look forward to helping you streamline and expand your lighting capabilities on all of your Las Vegas sets and stages. Contact us today to reserve your dimmer rental.

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