For film grips and professional lighting designers, Quasar Science LEDs have quickly become the new Kino Flo replacement go-to lighting system. At Extreme Lighting & Grip, we are excited to be your source for Quasar Science lighting rentals in Las Vegas.

Clean, Color Correct LED Technology For Rent

What photographer or film professional wouldn’t want the color accuracy of natural sunlight or firelight at their disposal? Forget incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Quasar Science has taken LED technology and elevated it to the highest standard for the high-def motion picture lighting industry.

  • Battery Powered Q-LED
  • Q-LED Rainbow Lamps
  • Q-LED Crossfade
  • Q-LED T-8s
  • Ossium Framed Arrays
  • S-LED Lights
  • F-LED Panels
  • FIlament LEDs
  • A-Series LEDs

The Quasar Advantage

Affordable, modular, and portable, Quasar Science lights can transform your music video, film set, or photo shoot in an instant. If you’ve ever been in a technical bind on set, you know how important it is to have equipment solutions that are reliable. Our LED lighting rentals can solve that problem for you.

  • 95+ CRI & 97+ TLCI
  • Dimmer Compatible
  • 25,000+ Hour Lifetime
  • Battery-Powered Options
  • Flicker Free

Easy Entertainment & Event Lighting

Use these professional quality LED tubes on their own or in banks. Light up faces or rooms to your exact specifications. With Q-LED Crossfade lights, you can even change the entire temperature of your shoot with the turn of a knob. There’s no need to waste time replacing bulbs.

Portability & Precision

Quasar Science even offers L-Lithium, lithium-ion battery-powered lamps to make your shots out of the studio or on the go just as precise. Connect them to a dimmer for one-handed control of your mood and atmosphere without affecting color temperature. These lights really are a dream.

Better Than Kino Flo?

Tired of changing out broken Kino Flo bulbs? With Quasar Science light rentals you get flicker-free durability and 25% more output. With Q-LEDs there’s no ballast needed. Best of all, you can use these LEDs with your existing Kino Flo banks and fixtures as well as typical fluorescent light fixtures.

Quasar Science Light Rental In Las Vegas

Rent Quasar Science LED lights in Las Vegas today from Extreme Lighting & Grip. Enjoy vibrant blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, red, magenta, and purple, soft white light or beautiful pastels. Set your scene with accuracy and ease. Call us today and reserve your lights, but don’t blame us if you fall in love with them.

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