If you’re looking for a PAR light rental in Las Vegas, NV, trust Extreme Lighting & Grip to get you just what you need, just when you need it. We’re your go-to guys for production lighting, big and small. Whether you’re a new DJ or stage crew trying to put together a lighting kit for your first gig, or you hit the big time years ago and are looking for a few packed trucks to get your production or event moving, we’ve got you covered.

PAR Lighting Rental Options

PAR Light Rental Las Vegas

PAR cans are what many of us who have been in the lighting and grip industry for some time think about when we hear the terms PAR light, PAR spot, or PAR flood. The parabolic aluminized reflector lamps that, resemble car headlights, now have a number of options to add variety to stage lighting. Choosing the best option to suit your specific situation depends on your preference and circumstances. We’re happy to help you decide. Some of the most common PAR light rentals include:

  • ETC Source Four PARs
  • HMI PARs
  • LED PARs
  • PAR Cans

Why We Love PAR Cans

PAR cans have stood the test of time for a variety of reasons, and in spite of many great new options. Aluminum is lightweight, which you’ll be especially thankful for if you’re the one hauling and setting it up. Also, the bulbs are easy to find and replace, and they are affordable. Did you know that at Extreme Lighting & Grip we provide many of these last-minute supplies for you? Try us.

Setting The Stage For Music

Another reason PAR lights are an excellent option for DJ lighting, concert lighting, festival lighting, as well as illumination for other stage or music events, is that they help set the mood without a lot of fiddling. Set these lights up, focus them, pop in your gels, and you’ve got color. The lower wattages they produce mean you don’t have to worry as much about blowing out your power and overloading power supplies. Easy peasy.

Rent PAR Lights In Vegas

Securing PAR light rental in Las Vegas is simple: just call us now at Extreme Lighting & Grip to reserve your PAR lights, and any other lighting and grip materials you need. Need help finding a particular brand or model? You can rely on us to find what you need. We look forward to showing you why we’re the best.

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