At Extreme Lighting & Grip in Las Vegas, we carry a variety of rentals from Norm’s Studio Equipment. We are your local experienced and knowledgable full-service production rental house. We offer professional-quality, reliable lighting and grip equipment for projects big or small, of any length.

Our highly versatile selection of lighting and grip rentals from favorite brands like Norm’s provides you with endless options for TV, stage, and video.

Trusted By The Best For Over 4 Decades

Norm’s Studio Equipment has been a trusted name in film, photography, and stage productions for over 45 years. They are used by many of the most prestigious studios in the industry, such as Paramount, Universal, Manhattan Beach Studio, Cinelease, and more.

  • Norms C-Stands RentalOverhead, Light, Specialty & C-Stands
  • Grip Heads & Boom Arms
  • Sand & Shot Bags
  • Stand Extensions
  • Adapters & Pins
  • Dollies & Track
  • Butterflies, Overheads, Scrim & Gel Frames
  • Specialty, Furniture & C-Clamps

Popular Norm’s C-Stand Features

  • Carbon Steel
  • Ergonomic Grip Head
  • Sliding Leg
  • Light Weight
  • Sand Resistant
  • Chrome Or Black Finishes
  • Durable / Heavy Duty

Popular Packages For Film & Photography

Our Norm’s Studio Equipment rentals are suitable for all types of projects. We offer stands and combos for rent. We include these stand rentals in our 1, 3, and 5-ton rental packages. You’re often most likely going to need more than just the stands. So, why not make it a package?

Not sure how much to rent? We can help. We also specialize in getting you just the items you want, whether your favorite stands are from Norm’s or another popular brand.

  • Norm’s Preemie & Beefy Baby Lighting Stands
  • Norms 2 & 3-Riser Lighting Stands
  • Norm’s 20″ & 40″ C-Stands
  • Norm’s Mambo Combo Stands
  • Norm’s Grip Combo Stands
  • Norms High & Sky‐High Roller Stands

Combo’s Suitable For Any Project

We understand that professional film and photography setups are not one-size-fits-all. Our Norm’s Studio Equipment c-stands come in a variety of ready-to-use combinations and orientations. See how these additional features can enrich your set and experience.

  • Gobo Heads / Grip Heads (Lollipops) & Arms
  • Stair Legs Or Rocky Legs
  • Turtle Bases

Unparalleled Vision & Unmatched Service In Las Vegas

Don’t trust your production to subpar equipment or poor service when you can get the best of both with Norm’s Studio Equipment and Extreme Lighting & Grip. We are dedicated to assuring that you don’t just have the gear that you need, but the professional support as well.

Contact us today to reserve your lighting and grip stand rentals.

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