LiteGear LED light rentals are highly sought after for their performance and versatility, and we have them at Extreme Lighting & Grip in Las Vegas. Rent LightGear LiteMats and all of your favorite accessories without the commitment of a big purchase. Get just the quality gear you need for the project you’re working on today.

LiteGear Products You’ll Love

LiteGear is known for creating innovative lighting products for tv, movies, theater, and photography. Their professional photo and video lights are easy to use, manipulate, and up-to-date with current wireless and energy-efficiency trends.

  • LiteMat
  • LiteMat+ Plus
  • S2 LiteMat
  • LiteTile
  • VHO Pro LiteRibbon
  • Chroma LiteRibbon
  • LiteDimmer

Rig It Anywhere

Ceilings, walls, on rolling stands. LiteGear has made their LiteMats, LiteTiles, and LiteRibbons incredibly simple to rig and move. From built-in picture hangers to modular LiteBox softboxes, this lighting producer kept the user in mind when designing how and where these LEDs will be used.

Unbelievable Color Mixing Technology

The true hybrid color mixing technologies designed by LiteGear takes LED capabilities to the next level of ease and usability. Color balancing and even camera compliance have been taken into account to make setting the scene and post-production that much better.

Any Shape & Size You Want

Don’t limit yourself. LiteGear LiteTiles gives you the freedom of creativity in the size and shape of your light source without a massive drain on power. Getting the light you want doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice in output or quality when you depend on our LiteGear rentals.

Need A Dimmer?

LiteGear also makes dimmers that put the control of your LiteMats at the tip of your fingers. Who doesn’t want effortless adjustment capabilities with flicker free results? We have you covered with quality dimming controls for all of your film lighting needs.

Rent LiteMats In Las Vegas

Rent LiteGear eLiteMats and other products and accessories from Extreme Lighting & Grip In Las Vegas today. Contact us to reserve your gear and get everything you need for a successful production. We look forward to working with you every time.

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