Don’t forget to outfit your next production with the versatility of film grip clamps and clips for rent from Extreme Lighting & Grip in Las Vegas. Whether you are rigging up truss, pipe, backdrops, lights, or cameras, quality grip hardware keeps it all together safely, securely, and reliably. We have all of your favorites in the numbers you need right when you need them.

Grip Hardware You Can Rely On

We carry a wide variety of clamps in many sizes to suit the needs of your specific set. Whether you are working on a theater stage or on a film set on location, having a variety of clips and clamps means you’ll be prepared. Some of our most popular grip clips and clamps available for rent include the following:

  • C-ClampsC-clamp
  • Furniture Clamps
  • Gaffer Clamps
  • Mafer Clamps
  • Scissor Clips

Gaffer Clamps & More

Gaffer clamps, A clamps, or pony clamps are all simple spring clips with many uses. Smaller versions with rubber grips are an easy way to secure gels onto your lights or hang strings of LEDs. Larger versions can be used to clip larger lights onto flat surfaces, hang backdrops, and hold reflectors. We also carry pipe or Cheeseboro clamps, and boom clamps to flesh out your collection of simpler grip clips and clamps.

Mafer, Cardellini, & C-Clamps

For true versatility and holding power, Mafer, Cardellini, Super, and C-Clamps all have their place in a complete grip toolkit. These strong, secure grip clamp options can be placed onto both flat and round surfaces. Each can be used to extend the usefulness of your C-Stands as well. Need C-Clamps? We carry regular C-Clamps, Baby C-Clips, Jr. C-Clamps, and Studded C-Clamps.

Mafer clamps or Super grip clamps are similar to Cardellini’s in that they all have rubber pads. These pads keep their holding power from marking or damaging the material they are holding. In addition to being inherently lighter and having interchangeable pins, Mafer clamps are also perfect for hanging items in tight or awkward spaces on smaller sets.

Grip Clamp & Clip Rental In Vegas

Whether you need to rent a complete set of grip clips and clamps for your next project or are looking for a complete lighting and grip setup, Extreme Lighting & Grip of Las Vegas has you covered. Our experience in the business means we have the tools that work time and time again. Contact us today to reserve your grip equipment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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