Extreme Lighting & Grip in Las Vegas is your reliable source for fluorescent lighting rental. Every professional knows great lighting makes for a great production. We have the lighting and gear that will make your photos, film shoots, and events stand heads above the competition. No production is too large or small. With over 60 years of experience, we are bringing Hollywood motion picture production techniques to the Las Vegas market including high-quality Kino Flo lights and accessories.

We Have The Experience To Know What You Need

Because we have provided lighting for everything from ESPN fight nights to music videos, NBA commercials, Las Vegas tv specials, and so much more, you can count on us to know which fluorescent lights, accessories, and kits will best meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for stage lighting, film lighting, or to rent fluorescent lights for photography, we have what you need.

  • 2′, 4′ & 8′ Kino Flo Tubes
  • Fluorescent Tube Holders / Cases
  • 3200 & 5500 Kino Flo Tubes
  • Diva-Lite Kino Flo Fixtures
  • Kino 12V DC Car Kits
  • Ballast & Harnesses
  • Head Feeders & Louvers
  • Backing PlatesFluorescent Lighting Rental
  • Safety Shields
  • Cool White Fluorescent Tubes
  • Colored Fluorescent Tubes
  • Chroma Blue Spare Tubes
  • KINO Barfly 200 Watt Fixtures
  • Kino Image 80 LED Fixtures
  • Kino Light Interview Kit
  • Kino Vistabeam DMX Fixtures

Soft, Even Studio Lights

If you’re looking for a soft lighting solution for photography studio settings or filmed interviews and intimate indie shoots, fluorescent lights are perfect for both professional photography and film. We carry a wide range of Kino Flo lights, fixtures, and accessories for rent. Unlike the flickering, green-washing tubes of days gone by, Kino Flo technology provides you with a high-quality, soft, even light source.

The Many Benefits Of Kino Flo Fluorescents

In addition to light quality, our fluorescent light rentals have the advantage of being lightweight and easy to use. These lights are more compact and cooler to the touch than either tungsten or HMI lights and are also high efficiency. If you choose a kit or accessories including dimmer switches or louvers for example, then you add even more control to an already stellar piece of lighting equipment.

Rent Fluorescent Lights In Las Vegas

Whether you’ve got a fashion shoot coming up or need to light up the stage or are shooting for the big screen, at Extreme Lighting & Grip we have everything you need including fluorescent lighting rental. Las Vegas is not a city short on lights, but we’ve got the best in the business. Call today to reserve yours or to find out if renting fluorescent lights is the right choice for you.

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