If cutting-edge technologies with three decades of lighting perfection appeal to you, find Dedolight rentals in Las Vegas from Extreme Lighting & Grip. We have a reputation for getting you the best brands and equipment around for productions of all sizes. Lights by Dedolight are no exception.

The Dedolight Rental Range

The Dedolight brand specializes in a light for all needs. Whether portability or panels are on your list, Dedolight has a professional lighting solution that does so much more than get the job done. Gaffers, directors of photography, lighting designers, and more will love these lights.

  • Classic Series Tungsten & Dual Daylight / Tungsten Lights
  • DedoPAR With Soft Light Capabilities
  • Ledzilla Portable LED Lights
  • LED 20W, 40W & 90W
  • LEDRAMA Light Panels
  • LEDRAPTOR Soft Light Panels
  • Floureszilla UV Lights

Designed For Discerning Lighting Professionals

Dedo Weigert designed Dedolight technologies to meet his exacting standards for excellence. Why settle for what is out there and get subpar results? He reimagined a professional lighting product that meets all your needs, simply and beautifully.

Award-Winning Technologies

As a result of this attention to perfection and need for real results, Dedolight has quickly evolved into a reliable and widely beloved, award-winning line of products. Cinec, the Oscars, and the Emmy’s have all recognized the capabilities of these great lights.

Ideal Film, Theater & Photography Lights

Options, attention to detail, recognition, what else could you want from a light explicitly created for lighting professionals? If you’re looking for a specific feature for your scene, set, or studio, Dedolight most likely has a product that delivers.

  • Precise Control Over Color Temperature
  • Output Equal To Larger Light Sources
  • Precision Beam & Stray Light Control
  • Even Light Distribution
  • Minimal Electrical Draw
  • Edge-To-Edge Sharpness
  • Ultra-Compact In Size
  • Excellent Reach
  • Low Projected Heat
  • Rugged Construction

Rent Dedolights In Las Vegas

Check off all the boxes on your production lighting wishlist with Dedolight tungsten or LED light rentals from Extreme Lighting & Grip. We have your Las Vegas light rentals and so much more for productions big and small. Call today to reserve your Dedolight products and anything else you need to get your show on the road.

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