Get the gear you need for your next car sequence with camera car mount and rigging rentals from Extreme Lighting & Grip in Las Vegas. We carry lighting and grip equipment that makes customizing your production environments a breeze, even when your set and stars are on the go-go-go.

Lights, Camera, Action

What’s more exciting than a car chase scene, more action-packed than a race car scene, or more relatable than a slice-of-life moment in an automobile? Making the most of car action sequences requires the right tools of the trade. No matter how great your filming equipment is, you’re not going to get the shots you want without the right lights and camera positioning.

Covering All The Angles

Get eyes on the passenger, driver, or even the fast-moving security detail speeding up from behind. It’s easy when you can position and customize your car camera rigs and lighting mounts to the vehicles, set, and equipment you have on hand.

The Best Car Scene Rigs

But what makes a great car scene camera rig? We can help you design a package based on your unique needs so you can always access the best shots, even in or on a fast-moving car. Aside from film lights and other production equipment rentals, we also offer advice from seasoned industry pros.

Does your movie, tv, or photography car camera mount take all of the following aspects into account?

  • Strategic Design
  • Weight With & Without Camera / Lights
  • Rigging Balance
  • Compatibility With Your Gear
  • Safety / Security

Safer Film Setups For Your Actions Scenes

Sure, you could probably DIY a way to attach your film or photography equipment to a passenger or race car. Why waste time on troubleshooting or risk damaging expensive cameras or lights? Rent everything you need for great car action scenes, right here in Vegas.

Rent Car Camera Rigging In Las Vegas

Get the most exacting car shots for your video production with professional car camera rigs from Extreme Lighting & Grip in Las Vegas. Not sure what you need or where to start? Give us a call today. We’re ready with high-quality production rentals you’ll return to again and again.

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