For this professional basketball commercial I needed to light half an outdoor basketball court using tungsten lighting. I divide the court in half into far and near and used 2- light towers Each having 2- 6 light par 64 top bar lamped (NSP, MFL, NSP, MFL, NSP, MFL) Bottom bar lamped (MFL, wide, MFL, wide, med, wide) an used lee diffusion 251.  Top bar focus was the NSP lights when far horizontal beam 5′ in from out of bounce line and across court left to right. MLF lights  just the other side of free throw lane. Next MFL focus to closer side free throw lane, wides focus near side line and in. Both side mirrored somewhat. I use our 2.4 KW x 24 dimmer, every light was on its own dimmer for fine tuning and control. Our stand by light was a Chimera 3-light bragger with medium Quartz & 1/4 grid. The support trucks used were our 1-Ton G&E Truck, stake bed and 500 AMP generator for power. Myself along with the crew, gaffer and 2 grips made this client very happy with the end results!


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