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Scissor Lift RentalAt Extreme Lighting & Grip, we help you capture every hard to reach shot with scissor lift rental throughout the Las Vegas valley. We have the aerial equipment rentals you need for your next film, photography project or videography production. Platform rentals put your people and your equipment right where you need them.

Benefits Of Scissor Lifts On Set

Ladders may be inexpensive and easy to carry around, but the speed and versatility of a scissor lift are irreplaceable. Electric scissor lift rental means less worry about a shaky ladder while you’re trying to concentrate on rigging and shooting. The following are other benefits of lift rental you may want to consider:

  • Less Ladder Clutter On The Set During Setup
  • No Need To Build Towers Or Scaffolding
  • One Time Rental vs. Investment To Buy
  • Speedily Raise Lights And Materials
  • Get Shadows Right Where You Want Them
  • Easily Raise Big, Heavy Lights
  • Get Light To 2nd And 3rd Floor Sets

Taking Your Film To The Next Level

Scissor lift rental gets your lights, lamp operators, riggers, and videographers in the perfect position. Easily install and adjust lights and cable without lengthy delays. A higher perspective can help you shoot from every conceivable angle. We can get you into those hard to reach areas with a little bit of vertical help. Our experience on sets of every size and caliber means we can suggest the right equipment for your unique situation every time.

Scissor Lifts & Man Lifts For Rent In Vegas

Whether you are working on a small film project or a large scale production, trust Extreme Lighting & Grip for your next Las Vegas Scissor lift rental. We carry quality equipment and the brands you trust like JLG and Skyjack. We are your reliable source for lighting and grip rentals and offer customer service that can’t be beaten. Contact us today to schedule your scissor lift rental and learn more about out currently available options.

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